How do licences work in orchestrator?

Hi guys,

I have installed uipath studio community edition in my local computer and also in an EC2 machine in AWS. I used a different email address to connect both installations so that I have 1 community edition license for each.

Question : Can I use those 2 community edition licenses in order to get 2 robots from those 2 machines (my local and aws vm) on the same orchestrator tenant ?

For now the result I managed to get on the same orchestrator tenant is :

  • connected and licensed for the robot on my local machine
  • but only connected and unlicensed for the robot on the aws machine

So again is this result because I did something wrong in the configuration or is it because we can’t take advantage of 2 community edition licenses on the same tenant in orchestrator ?

Many thanks


Let’s go one by one

Yes you can connect to one orchestrator as you have two different machine instances installed with two installer file where each one will have a separate robot available to connect to a orchestrator

One orchestrator can be use as a common place to host those two robots

This will appear if the robot is not created in or not connected with orchestrator

Check with robot tab
Try to recreate and connect with orchestrator

Hope this would help you resolve this issue

Cheers @kaiji_San

Hi Mate,

I removed the 2 machines in orchestrator.
Created 2 new machines

1/ machine 1 with my local computer hostname
2/ machine 2 with the AWS virtual machine hostname

I copied the URL of my orchestrator and the machine key of machine 2 and pasted them to the uipath assistant of my AWS virutal machine, result : Connected and licensed

I then copied the URL of my orchestrator again (same URL as earlier) and the machine key of machine 1 and pasted them to the uipath assistant of my local machine, result : Connected and Unlicensed

For both machines I selected the licence

Why am I unlicensed for 1 of the 2 machines ?


Try reconnecting the machine again and make sure the robot credentials, domain name mentioned is correct

For domain name you can type as whoami in cmd window


I have configured 2 local users and both allowed to be automation users

For both users the hostname is correctly configured

I noticed one thing, when I enable the attended robot to the user of my local computer

The uipath assistance of my local pc is showing now : Connected and licensed

Now I have 2 connected and licensed system on 2 different machines but I am not sure If I really have the 2 unattended robot I want, why do I need to enable attended robot to each user to get the license working when I only need unattended robots ? I thought the attended robot option was just optional but if I dont enable it, the license dont work

I tried to run a process from orchestrator with this configuration, the process runs successfully but nothing happen in uipath … as if my program was totally empty but I do have an input dialog activity + a message box and that’s the sequence I published to orchestrator, how come the process runs successfully in orchestrator but the automation does not run on my computer ?

My unattended robot must not be configured properly isnt it ? Looks like I managed to connect attended robots but not unattend robots because if I disable the attended robot option in my users my uipath assistance goes unlicensed immediately

Not really
If you are looking for unattended process then go for Unattended bot or if it is with attended process then use attended bot

So it depends on what process demands

More than that you won’t be able to run a attended bot from orchestrator we can just connect the bot and won’t be able to trigger those from orchestrator

And this occurs only when robot is not in created

You have the machine configured with machine key but is any robot created with that machine in orchestrator
Only it then becomes licensed


Robots are there but it still does not work