How do I use snippets in Mobile Device Connection activity? Saying mobile device connection required

Trying to structure it so I only need to make changes to 1 xaml file rather than altering 100 xaml files. I want my main mobile_app_test.xaml to use mobile_app_login.xaml snippet. So if any updates are made for login I only need to change mobile_app_login.xaml.
But the problem I’m running into is when calling mobile_app_login.xaml from mobile_app_test.xaml it errors with Mobile Device Connection required. So then I tried I adding Mobile Device Connection to mobile_app_test.xaml but it disconnects closes the app and starts a new appium session.

How are people linking to external xaml snippets or better yet how are people structuring their projects so it’s really efficient to modify once and deploy?

You can reuse a Mobile Device Connection: see Mobile Test Automation : App gets installed for every test case execution

Thank you for this, I got it working. Although I’m wondering what’s being stored in OutputConnection variable when we have to enter the Appium Capabilities all over again in the external xaml’s Mobile Device Connection activity.

It shouldn’t matter, because everything is stored in the first connection. The thing that comes to mind is that yes, the mobile device connection always requires a device and in this case it shouldn’t so it is a minor bug.

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