How do I use Microsoft Edge when using AttachBrowser?



I’d like to use the AttachBrowser activity, but the only browser types are IE, Chrome and Firefox.
Is there a way to use Edge?


Edge is not supported. Yet.


Thanks. Is there a timescale as to when Edge will be supported?


Hi @badita , Does UiPath support Edge browser now ?


Not for now @Gyan. We will announce it here (most likely in future minor releases).


@ovi Thanks for the update.
We have automated processes for our client on Win 7 and now they are upgrading all the systems to Win10 + edge, So could you please share some keypoints which we should keep in mind while upgrading the processes on the new environment and how to force browser to open IE 10/11 in place of edge.


First, it depends what kind of processes you have: uiautomation, browser automation(I suppose this is the case) etc.

The Open Browser activity has by default set the IE browser. So you will most likely have to check that.


Okay @ovi Thanks for the lead … But I am still confused how to open IE 10/11 using Open browser activity in Win10.


I don’t know if i understand your requirement, but here is a screenshot:


Hi Ovi,

Could you please mention expected date of release for EDGE browser support like IE.

Mallibabu B


Edge is already implemented to be supported, we’re working on final details to make sure it’s working smooth. We should expect it to be out really soon.