How do I use Microsoft Edge when using AttachBrowser?


I’d like to use the AttachBrowser activity, but the only browser types are IE, Chrome and Firefox.
Is there a way to use Edge?


Edge is not supported. Yet.


Thanks. Is there a timescale as to when Edge will be supported?


Hi @badita , Does UiPath support Edge browser now ?

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Not for now @Gyan. We will announce it here (most likely in future minor releases).


@ovi Thanks for the update.
We have automated processes for our client on Win 7 and now they are upgrading all the systems to Win10 + edge, So could you please share some keypoints which we should keep in mind while upgrading the processes on the new environment and how to force browser to open IE 10/11 in place of edge.


First, it depends what kind of processes you have: uiautomation, browser automation(I suppose this is the case) etc.

The Open Browser activity has by default set the IE browser. So you will most likely have to check that.


Okay @ovi Thanks for the lead … But I am still confused how to open IE 10/11 using Open browser activity in Win10.


I don’t know if i understand your requirement, but here is a screenshot:


Hi Ovi,

Could you please mention expected date of release for EDGE browser support like IE.

Mallibabu B


Edge is already implemented to be supported, we’re working on final details to make sure it’s working smooth. We should expect it to be out really soon.

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UiPath browser activity cannot work with Microsoft Edge

Hello! :slight_smile:

Any new update on this feature again as of what year it can be expected? Defining “really soon” as in before or after the new year (2019)?

Apologize for the nagging in advance, haha!



Hi @Gakinchi

Without any specific promises, it will not make it to 18.4 just yet. It is definitely still on our menu though :slight_smile:

UIPath - Microsoft Edge not working

Please let us know what your plans are towards Edge versus IE adoption within your organization.



More and more websites no longer support IE and block it. A robot has not worked since this morning because the site has blocked the IE browser.
Can you inform us when Edge will be supported ?