How do i split each text after ":" from work item details into a datatable

I want to extract items from eg this work item (Note! you have to probably login to access this page , you can create one if you don’t have the account)

and im using two get full text activity for getting every Account Information Details and Work Item Details

I have created a datatable with the name of the items for eg Column name :- “WIID”,“Client ID”,“Type”,“Status”,etc.

now i want to get all the details from the get full text for eg WIID: “86829984”,Type: “Verify Account Position”,etc…

basically i want to extract data after “:” and want to store it in there respective columns in the data table

Hi @indiedev91

Have a look on the thread


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Hi @indiedev91, you can use Split() function of string to split the complete string into different parts

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