How do I skip over emails inside a for each loop which do not match my required criteria?


I am using a for each loop to read unread emails in an inbox. The bot then gets the email subject to determine where the email should then be sent to (IE, if the subject was ‘new delivery from X’, it would then know to send it to be processed in the X workflow by allocating it to a filepath).

The issue I am now having is that I have 4 possible flows for the email to go to, but if the email does not match a criteria then the bot breaks. How would I make it exclude all other email subjects other than the 4 required?

Thanks for your help. Apologies, I’m still new!

add another if condition and leave it blank or whatever you want to do with it like move or delete. other option is surround with try catch the 4 posible flows

Solved: I can just use filter to get rid of those unwanted.

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