How do I sense a Toast Notification and get the text from it?

I have a page I use frequently and it pops up toast notifications when there’s an issue. Is there a way I can “sense” one of these and possibly get the text out of it? Since they “go away” by the time I look for it (not always there), it’s gone anyhow.

I looked all over the forum with no luck.

Thank you

We can use element exists activity with which we can validate whether that popup is there or not
It will give a Boolean value as output

Use a if condition with that Boolean variable like this

Bool_exists = True

If true it goes to then block where use a GET TEXT activity and get the text in it as a string variable

If you are not sure when then popup will come then use a parallel activity where place the entire sequence you have without this element exists and get text and to the right side of it use another sequence and keep those new two activities

Cheers @clhamm

Thanks, I’m not entirely sure how to do much of what you said (parallel process), but will look it up. At least it gives me a start. Cheryl

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Hi @clhamm,

As @Palaniyappan said, a parallel may be good to use with an element exists for your issue. I have a process that does steps on a website to update various areas, and a message box can come up at any time from the site. I have used a parallel, the left side has an element exists to detect the message within a while loop, which doesn’t end until the sequence on the right side of the parallel ends. A similar setup may work for you


Is it resolved and were we able to handle the exception