How do i send email with filtered data table in excel

Hey guys, im confused at why it is sending the unfiltered data under remarks column even tho i already filtered it in the excel itself but when it is send out it will be put inside the remarks column again?? Pls help or recommend another package to use?

I have tried data table manipulation and atos excel to html package activities for this but it still show the unfiltered data in the remarks column.


If you want to send filtered data only,

  1. first read the excel and Store in datatable

  2. Filter the datatable

  3. Write the datatable in another sheet

  4. Use the newly created sheet in the activities input.

If l you are using datatable manipulation convert to html activity you don’t need to write again in excel instead use the filtered datatable variable as it’s input will be datatable


So basically storing the data of the sheet i want and using it to a write range activity to a new sheet ?

yes after store the filter the data as you want and then write the date into excel sheet and use my activity to send email…thanks

i have tried but it still shows the unfiltered one even after writing range to a new sheet

Have you used filter datatable, if yes what is the condition given in the activity…

U mean filter data table activity? i nvr use since u nvr state ;.;

Reading the data from excel and writing again will produce the same data, so after reading the data you have to filter it (easy way is to use filter datatable activity) and then write it to excel.

hmm nvr use the filter data table before… i run it and it cannot write to the new sheet. help



Just want to check,

  1. Why there is no extension in the file name in write range. output columns have you selected anything.


nvm i fixed it, its showing the ones i want but how do i deal with the 00:00:00 ?
i feel like because of the write range activity when it writes to a new sheet apparently those that have 00:00:00 have swap the day and month
otherwise if you are not sure too then i will close this topic

Try to tick preserve format in read range activity, if that doesn’t work close this thread and open an new one so everyone can give thier suggestions. Thanks

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Will do thanks

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