How do I send calendar invite on Exchange Mail using Uipath?

Hi, I’ll like to automate a business process at work which involves the automation of sending calendar invites using Exchange Mail, in which the email body involves HTML with embedded pictures.

I am aware of several custom packages like the one from BalaReva, but I do need one that allows the use of Exchange Credentials in some way or another, as the outlook on the unattended robot may not have the desired account stored on the device itself, hence the usage of Exchange.

UiPath version used: 2018.4.4

The UiPath email activities are severely limited (and have quite a few mistakes and bugs actually).

I ended up making my own set in Visual Studio based on the EWS provided by Microsoft, if you have C# skills then this is an option for you as its easy to make calendar activities with EWS.

If you don’t make your own you’ll need to look on the marketplace or public feed to see if you can find one that does calendar appointments.