How do I send a single mail to repeated emails from a config file?

Hi Folks,
I have a doubt, I have a config file that looks like this

I was able to automatically send a mail to each email recipient, but I am getting 3 different mails for the name “Tom”.

Is it possible to automatically send a single email to Tom which has the content of all the three rows ?

Please help me out!

Thank You!

hi @ice_cream

Please try with merge data table activity
Watch below video which is exactly same with your scenario, you can use VBA to achieve this functionality.

Note- In video description they have provided VBA code


Hi @ice_cream

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We can sort this using Linq,

readDt.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(Function(r) r("Name").ToString).Select(Function(g) readDt.Clone.LoadDataRow({g.Key,g.First().Item("Email").ToString,String.Join("\",g.Select(Function(r) r("Content of Mail").ToString))},False)).CopyToDataTable()

Instead of slash we can try with any seperated values like , if you need in new line we can try with environment .line

Refer to the xaml below!

Test_Sequence1.xaml (5.9 KB)


Thank you for the help!

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