How do i select a pop up with UIpath. It's not part of the web browser

How do i select a pop up with UIpath? It’s not part of the web browser

Hey @Anjiba

I hope you are well.

There are a few things/ways to try to get this to work. We most commonly resort to:

  • test with a different browser
  • attach window
  • OCR the screen with CV scope to see if it picks up the elements.

I know some developers try things like “Click text” if all else fails.

Please try these and let me know if you get stuck or if none of these work. Then we can dig a little deeper.

Hi @Anjiba,

Put this window in attached window and inside attached window take click activity and when you are spying time press F4 select your button like notify me later or cancel not whole window.

Omkar P

Hi @Anjiba

Try to use Click Image Activity

Kommi Jeevan

Thank you all - Click Image did trick.