How do i scroll down on a web page to a specific text

I need to scroll down on a web based UI, and then start with the click activity on n number of checkbox (14). Scroll activity is not working.

Give a try to mimic the scrolling with a Hover activity

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Hi @piyushkapoor227,

Scrolling is not necessary just use Click activity on the element it automatically scroll to the position.
If you really want to scroll the page use Set Focus activity

I have used “pgdn” hot key to scroll the web page in order to click on other UI element -

Hope it might help you…Please check.

Didn’t work for me. The program didn’t mimic the scrolling activity

I tried with just the Click activity. however, the check where i need to click is not available on the page. to make it visible on the page i need to scroll the page down.

Try simulate click option in Click activity it will work on background