How do I save the robot properly, stop and start it during particular hours?

  1. how many robots can I create via Community and Enterprise cloud account?
  2. how to save the robot properly? I tried it once before, by using the “save” button un the orchestrator and it messed up the flow and showed the error.
  3. can someone from my company manage (start, stop) the robot remotely if I create one?
  4. can I set up particular working hours for the robot?


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  1. With Community Edition you can create two Attended BOTS and one Unattended BOT.
  2. With Enterprise Edition you can create N no. of BOT’s and it’s depends how many licences you bought it.

Once development done and you need to publish the process from UiPath studio and then it will showed into Orchestrator if this BOT machine connected to Orchestrator.

Orchestrator is web based application and we can do all those things remotely. Just you need to open Orchestrator URL in browser and perform all those things.

Yes you can schedule BOTS through Orchestrator and then it will run at specified Time intervals. Go to Triggers page in Orchestrator to schedule the BOTS.

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