How do I save new Global Constants?

I am trying to change some of my global constants, and no matter what I do, when I save and reopen the project, the original values are there. How do I update the global constants so that the new value is saved? I’m using C# and UiPath version 2022.10.1 if that matters. Can they not ever be changed?


Try changing/upgrading the systems packages from manage packages and check if issue persists


Unfortunately that didn’t fix it.


Can you please tell what is the version of system activities and can you share a sample project or xaml here so that we can verify from our side as well


Hi @mathilda.murray

Delete the old constant and create a new constant with new updated value

Hope it helps!!

That doesn’t really help me in the long term because I then have to go in and update the constant everywhere in my project, which defeats the purpose of the constants.