How do I run automations on multiple computers. Do I need to upgrade to be able to?

I want to distrubute the automations i have created I have invited the testing computer a secondary computer and looking to do the same with the team as the automations is to relieve tasks automation can handel

How do i make sure that each user would have an attendant robot active to help. as well as what would be your advice in making file paths dynamic.


If you have Community license, you get only 2 attended licenses which are limited to learning/POC purpose only.

If you are thinking about commercial setup, I would advise to get enterprise license for this.

If you mean file path with user names in it, you can replace user names with this code:


Ashok :slight_smile:

Check out their licensing page.

You will have to buy an unattended license in order to run process on multiple computers. You’ll be able to schedule time triggers when and who frequent to run your process.

They might be talking about attended automations.


You have to get one attended license for each user for them to run the automations

And also you need to install UiPath robot and assistant for them to run and trigger the automations as they need

Once this is setup the users are to be added to the respective folders in orchestrator for them to access the automations in that folder