How do I resolve out of click range?

I’m a studio X beginner.
I want to make a button that automatically presses to approve whenever I receive a mail that needs to be approved.

I simply created an OUTLOOK with TRIGGER → loop EACH MAIL->CLICK.

But it doesn’t work because the button position is slightly different for each type of email.

All buttons have the text 確認して承認(meaning: Approve)
text on all buttons.

The above text is translated by a translator and may be awkward.
Thank you for your understanding.

You may can try with contains text in button like approve in selector and please do not use computer vision to click button make sure you are using normal selector.


For your click, adjust so that it uses strict selector and Image.

And then adjust the strict selector to have the text “approve” in the innertext. That way it will always look for your specific text before clicking.

You’re trying to do UI automation in Outlook. Usually that’s not the correct way to deal with emails, you should be using the email activities.

Have you done the free training at You should, it’ll teach you things like how to read emails.

Thank you so much for your response Where is it normal selector?
I’m so sorry for asking such a basic question.

I didn’t know about the Academy
I’ll check them all out.
Thank you so much!!

This works.
Let’s play around with it a bit more.
Thank you so much

sorry I thought it was working, but
it doesn’t work…so sad