How do I remove rows with dynamic dates

I am trying to filter a spreadsheet so that it deletes rows that do not meet the criteria below.
The filter itself is not doing what it should.
What I want to do is:
Remove all rows that do not have a planned start date (column D) that are between ‘today at 5pm’ and ‘tomorrow at 5pm’
Obviously the dates will be dynamic but the time is set.
I’m struggling to work out how to do it so if anyone could provide an example, I would be very grateful.
TEST.xlsx (11.0 KB)

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find starter help here:
FilterDateTimeRange.xaml (7.5 KB)

Let us know your feedback

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Thank you for that. It worked great as a stand alone sequence. However, when I put it into my actual project, I get a couple of ‘is not a member of’ errors, specifically around System.Data.DataTable and and System.Data.DataRow

Any advice on this?

ensure following:


check all relevant variables and its correct datatypes.

In case of the issues are not gone, then provide us the exact details on the messages / validation issues.