How do I red flag an email if it errors?

Hey there,

I’m working on a bot that handles emails within a for each loop. I wanted to put a try-catch around the loop in the event it should have an exception for any reason. The result would be that it should email me or my team, but also flag the email with a ‘red flag’.

The email trigger looks fine, but I cannot see any activities to mark the email; is there a simple way to mark a red flag and move on to the next?

Thanks for your help (apologies, I’m new-ish)


I am not sure whether we can set red flag for email using our in built activities. but there is activity we can set category to red. please refer the below link.

Turns out there is a pack called ‘Alphabet Workflow Activieies’ which can do this.

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Glad you are able to achieve this with the custom activity. is this from our uipath market place.

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