How do I read Date in Excel Cell in For Each Row without Timestamp at the back

Hi everyone,

I am reading a Excel file and For each row in the group, I want to read date in the column “Posting Date” in this format (01/01/2022).

However, UiPath always types out the date with the timestamp instead of just the date
Example of wrong date that UiPath types out - “04/01/2022 00:00:00”.

I have tried to search online for answers but I could not find anything useful.

This is the expression I am using

postingdate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)

Postingdate is the cell that consists the date in this format (01/01/2022)

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you!

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Hi @Sky_RPA ,

Try using the below Expression :




Hi @supermanPunch

It works like a charm. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Sky :cloud: :smile:

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