How do I put a robot into an environment?

I created environment, an Orchestrator Robot and pulished a process.
Now I can find my process in the previously created environment, but when I want to start the process, the Orchestrator Robot does not show up in the environment.

The environemnt column is empty.
Can someone tell me how I can put this robot inside the

The environemnt I created earlier

Thank you!

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First of make sure your robot is visible in the list of bots, and is connected.
Now in environments
Click on three dots ,click manage and choose the bots



hi @ClemensSteinbauer
try recreate and check
if need further information refer following link

is there no way to put a bot inside an already created environment?

There is no environment button

you can

make sure your robot is connected to orchestrator

thank you I clicked the wrong 3 buttons :slight_smile:

click on the three dots next to your environment helloworld>manage

send the screenshot @ClemensSteinbauer

after that you can select your bot(s)

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