How do I print something if I end my program

So, I want to display something on the screen when my program is closed by me.
How could I do that?
I want to display “Goodbye!” in the logs when the program is closed by me.

use Write line or log message activity to print output in output panel

If you want show your output as popup message then you have to use Message Box Activity

all the activities only supports string value


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Yeah but I want the specific message to only be printed when I stop the application from working

Hi @Condrat_Claudiu

refer the above image for your reference
use “your desired message” or string variable inside write line activity
it can print whatever you want
Hope it solves your issue

Robinnavinraj S

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if its solves your issue can you mark it as solution so that it will be helpful to others

Robinnavinraj S

Hi @Condrat_Claudiu ,

Not sure whether my understanding is correct on your requirement.

If you are going to stop any running process in orchestrator you want to print good bye message in logs.

If above is your requirement you could try with should stop activity in your work flow so that whenever you stop process from orchestrator it will return result as Boolean so that we can have condition like if it is true we can log message or send notification mail saying good bye. Please refer the below documentation for more guidance. Thanks.

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