How do i pick this id?


I am doing the final assignment and I almost completed it. Everything works fine.

When i upload the final yearly report document, the browser message appears with the confirmation id.
Please tell me how can I pick this id and store into a variable?


I tried using OCR text, get text , hotkeys, activate activity, etc>>>

None of the Uipath element is able to locate or recognize this box.
Please help me. Dont just read and scroll

Thanks and regards,

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Hi @hacky_wacky,

Try with Attach Window activity to attach to an already opened Message from Web page window, then Use Get Text activity to get the text and use substring() method to extract ID from a string.


I used GetText and didn’t have to attach to anything because the code is already attached to the browser. Hint: look at the selector if you are getting text from the label. I had to add a wild-card because the id was included in the selector that UiPath generated. Since the id will be different each time, you can’t have an id in your selector. Try:

<wnd ctrlid=‘65535’ title='Report was uploaded*’ />

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