How do i pick the row if the first cell of data table is empty

Hi ,

I have a data table i want to pick the data row based on the empty cell on the excel.

I have a excel and i copied into a data table.So the data is coming as follows.I want to pick the data based on the empty cell .


sno ename salary
1 ram 1234
2 sita 3456
gan 4567
gun 6789
2 hari 3456


     gan      4567
     gun       6789

Use Data Table filter activity or DataTable.Select method to filter the rows.

Assign Activity newDT = yourDataTable.Select("[sno]=''").CopyToDataTable

Karthik Byggari

I tried your piece of code…

i got the below error

"Assign: Cannot perform ‘=’ operation on System.Double and System.String.

Then please use the below activity -

(from dt.AsEnumerable().Where(convert.tostring(a(“sno”))="")select a).copytodatatable