How do I pass the column values to another column in Excel in the same sheet in this scenario?

Hello, guys. I have got the values from an excel column but I don’t have an idea about how to paste it. I was trying this one solution but It didn’t work:


Let’s suppose that “columnaFecha” in Read column function has the value “Q333”.
1.-Here excelFormatoHora has the values of the column. I’ve got the column values but when I’m trying to paste It asks me about a datable value, not the IEnumerableObject value that the Excel Read Colum function gave me.

2.-Another try that I did. It was Copy/paste range
Here the values are :


I thought It would get all the data but It’s only getting one value.

It only pastes one value from the another column but I’m seeing it has around 20 values so It’s not working well…

Could you give me any ideas?

Please, I need your help and thanks.


for columnFecha you need to specify the range e.g.
I333 to i350

if you only specify I333 it will only copy the value of I333

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