How do I pass a web session authenticated with HttpClient to "Use Application/Browser"

We have a 3rd party site that we need to do a post to with specific HTTP headers and with specific values in the body and so I am using HttpClient to do that. The response, when authentication was successful, contains everything that a browser session would need to be authenticated to the 3rd party site. Once I extract the needed data from the response headers and grab the returned cookies, how can use that in “Use Application/Browser”?


Can you please tell how you do it manually? that might help in finding a way for this


I had this, or a very similar use case. I ended up opening the site to the auth page then generating a ajax request with all the required params and headers and using Inject JS Script into the loaded page to fire the request. The response I got back had a redirect property I had the script use to navigate to but prior to me finding that, I just had the browser refresh the page and it was using the correct session.


Thanks. This sounds like exactly what I need to do. I will investigate this.

We can’t do it manually. For this process, if a person is following it, a different type of user account is used and so the person doesn’t have to post the bot token when logging in. If a bot account is used, we need to post the bot token. We cannot duplicate the bot login process manually.

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