How do I make the login button both login and send the login details to an excel page

How do I make the login button both login and throw the login details to an excel page


Could you please explain in detail


I’m automating a login to website. So I have to save the login details to an excel document. The URL, username and password need to be sent to the excel table


From where we are getting the logon details?


I’m them from when they logining in

can you explain little detailed

It’s just a login site they don’t need to sign up. So the login form need to send the login details to a excel document

The plan is to change the long in details in excel instead of the uipath

Hi @Latoya_mbatha

you are trying to store the log in details (url, username,password) to excel file which can be accessed by uipath and can change the values as well right?

Yes exactly what I trying to do

Hi @Latoya_mbatha

Then you can like below

  1. Use a excel file with two columns
    Name and Value

in the Name column provide a name like Url, username password
in value provide the value for each name, like url of website, username and password
like below

Now in the uipath

you can make this kind of flow

  1. Create a dictionary variable let’s say dict1 with key as string and value as object

  2. use assign activity to initialize it
    dict1= New Dictionary(Of String,Object)

  3. Read the excel file which has the login details provided earlier using read range and store in datatable variable let’s say dt1

  4. Use for each row activity to loop through each row in dt1 (for row in dt1), inside the loop do the following:
    a. use an assign activity like below
    dict1(row(“Name”).ToString)= row(“Value”).ToString

  5. Once this is done, you can access all the login details via this dictionary

for example, if you need Url of website, you can use dict1(“url”).ToString in open browser activity to open the website

Try this approach and let me know if u had any questions

if this helps u, kindly mark the answer as solution

Thanks & Regards,
Nived N

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