How do i login to facebook from multiple accounts...but username and pass are in diffrent excel files how to take those one by one

Hi All,

I am trying to automate one web page,for that i am getting data from email in execel file, like i need to create order ,for every order i have seprate excel file to complte order on web.

bot saving excel attachmenets in folder and from that folder bot should take excel “cell” data in variable and from variable to web page.
How can i store values dynamicaly using for each loop, for if i am having 5 files in folder but their name bot don’t know it should take data for first order from first excel from folder …for second order data should be from second execl?

Please help!!!Thank you in advance.

Hi @Dhananjay_lavate
— once the files are saved to a folder, use a assign activity like this
Out_Filepatharray = Directory.GetFiles(“yourfoldername”,”*.xlsx”)
Where Out_Filepatharray is variable of type string array that store the value of file path as a array
—use a for each loop and pass the above variable as input and change the type argument as string In The property panel of for each loop
— inside the for each loop use a excel application scope and pass the file path as item (the variable from for each loop which has the file path that we are going to open one by one no matter what we know the name or not)
— inside this scope use a read range activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable
— use a for each row next to this read range activity (while we are still inside the for each loop and excel appli Scope) and pass the datatable variable as input
—inside the loop use a open browser loop and pass the value of url as a string between double quotes
— inside this open browser loop to pass the value of each row of a column we want in type into or to a assign activity with a variable put the value like this

That’s all you are done
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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