How do I iterate and apply multiple filters through the same database without duplicates?

Hi there! I want to filter out my database via three different conditions,

  1. Leave type should only include the phrase ‘Rest Day’.
  2. By individual Employee ID
  3. By the weeknum* (with the weeknum starting from Monday)

After which, I would like to count the number of remaining data rows are left. If there are more than one, I want to note the instances in a string.
Eg. 13/12/2021, 14/12/2021, 19/12/2021

I can complete the first two filter conditions, however when it comes to filtering the weeknum and adding the instances to a string, there may be duplicates as there are more than 1 record per weeknum.

I would like to use the remove datarow to avoid the duplicates, however I would not be able to do this in a loop. I’m not sure if there are any alternatives to this…

I am not familiar with code and such, however I would not turn away any suggestions that may help… hopefully someone will see this and help advice :sweat_smile:

As a new user, I can’t seem to attach a sample. Hopefully the explanation above is clear.

Hi @KellyL

Welcome to UiPath Forum.

We can achieve this in multiple ways.

Please have a detailed look into the below thread. It will definitely help you.

Additionally, You can refer this one as well.

Thank you.

Hi Jobin,

Thanks for your prompt response. However, my issue is more than the filtering of the data.

Let me try and explain using this example below:

Filter condition Data
1 A
1 B
1 C
2 D
2 A
3 C
3 D

As I use a loop to filter the data, the same data will come again… as I can’t remove the data row in the loop, I’m not sure of what alternatives I can use in this instance.