How do I insert excel code object into word document using rpa?

Firstly, I would like to open excel file, read a range from a sheet, copy it, then open the word document and go to a certain page and paste special (microsoft excel worksheet code object). I have no problem with copying the range. However, I have been getting errors in pasting it as an object into word.


Could you maybe explain what is that you’re exactly trying to perform ?

Pasting it as an Object, as in Do you want the Excel file to be pasted/Attached itself to the Word Document ?

Or Do you want to Insert a Table into the Word Document?

i want to copy a range from an excel sheet and paste it into the word document, but not as a table. I need it as an object, meaning i need to see it like its a picture that i can click on to direct me to the excel file i brought it from, not an icon.


Is it possible for you to do this manually and provide us the Word Document which Contains the Excel Sheet range as an Object as required, We should then be able to analyse it and provide you with better suggestions on approaching the solution.

You are talking about an embedded object, right?

Hi, I am still a new user so I am unable to give you any documents. However, here is an image of what the Microsoft excel worksheet code object would look like as seen in the borders. When clicking on the object, it would directly transfer me to the excel sheet with those numbers and description

I am not too sure about that, but its definitely not an icon where you input the entire excel file inside the word doc. You can look at the image I have given recently


Could you take a Look at this video below and Let us know if this is your Expectation :

You Could Skip to the Last Part and Check the working.

Ah yess, this is what I want to do using rpa.