How do I input text into a specific location inside an text field?

Sorry, I’m fairly new at UiPath…and have another question

I receive an email with a subject title such as: INC999999 - Resolved - Company: Work Fix Item

What I am trying to do is update the Active Status to Resolved inside an open text field like this box.

External System Name: System 1
External Status: Active
External Creation Date: 20200220
External System ID: 123ABC

Does anyone have any suggestions? I made a dumb way of doing it such as reading the email subject and reading the text box, putting all into excel and then copying the entire range.

There must way where i can take the Email Status and then updating “external status”

Thank you for everyone’s help.

@Belgy Can you show us How the External Status Field appears in the Email that you get? A Screenshot of it ?

@supermanPunch It’s a open text box in a system. We take an email header that contains the status and input into the text box. this is what it looks like.


@Belgy I’m bit Confused :sweat_smile: Is it the Body of the Email ?

@supermanPunch Thanks for your help!

What happens we have these system generated emails that contains the status of a work item.

Example: INC999999 - Resolved - Company: Work Fix Item

What we do manually is copy the word “Resolved” and input into our tracking system. The system tracking area is just an open text field that is web-based.

The image above shows “External Status:New”, I am trying to have my bot update that to “Resolved” and it would save Eternal Status: Resolved.

@Belgy Have you tried using type into the Text Box?


I have but it always goes at the bottom or at the end of “External System ID”

@Belgy I think that’s expected :sweat_smile:, ok, Can you try these Steps :

  1. Instead of Type Into use Get Attribute Activity and Indicate the Text Box
    Then can you Show me the Selector of Get Attribute in UiExplorer? If it Contains the values present, we can make a workaround to achieve what you need

Here are the slector

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=’* - Search Work item - Search’ idx=‘2’ /
webctrl css-selector=‘body>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div’ parentid=‘vss_349’ tag=‘DIV’ idx=‘1’ /

@Belgy Can you open the Selector in UiExplorer and send the Screenshot ?