How do I Identify if there is a table in a word document


I have a couple of word documents which contains the education details of the employees. In some of the documents, the education details are present in a table. I want to read the highest education for the employee and store it in a report. Currently, I convert the data into a collection of lines by splitting them with the ‘environment.newLine’ character. However in case of Tabular format, each column is treated as a different line causing incorrect results.

Is there any way how I can identify if the details are present in a table and read the entire row into one single line?Screen scrapping option is not possible since the format of each of the documents is different.


Maybe if you know the name of each rows in those table, you can connect the rows that are splitted because of the tabulars. For example if you know that the first row starts with “Highest education” and you have additional 5 columns, you can assign a variable, that connects the Highest education row name with the following 5 new lines that are created after splitting.
Maybe this is not possible with those table or maybe there is a better solution, but I could not yet find it out…

The problem is how I can identify if there is a Table present. If I am able to identify it, I could then do as per your suggestions and connect all columns.

Could you please post some sample different word files?