How do I identify/copy a 2 column range in Excel based on whether a cell above the first column is blank

I want to combine multiple different Excel ranges that are 2 columns wide by variable number of rows from one worksheet in an Excel file to a single data table that is 2 columns wide. There are variable number of these ranges in worksheet (between 1 and 5). There is usually a gap of 1 column between the ranges but not always and they have not been assigned as tables in Excel. One solution I have tried is to read the header row from Excel into a data table and then performing a for each that determines whether the each value blank. I ignore the blanks and that gives me the header values. If I could figure out how to include the column those non-blanks come from then I might be able to go back and read the ranges below them but that is where I’m stuck.AR data tables.xlsx (10.8 KB) ReadMultipleRanges.xaml (14.1 KB)

Versions: Studio 2019.10.1 Enterprise edition Windows installer, Excel (office 365)