How do I get UiPath to Open Browser and extract Web Table?

Hi there,

My Goal & Problem Statement
My Goal is to get UiPath to Open the Browser and Web Scrape the data spanned across multiple pages at:

I am new to UiPath / RPA and similar to other Users I have the issue whereby I am not able to find the “Open Browser” Activity that used to exist in the UiPath version I used in a short introductory course and web tutorials (Not sure if it is difference in Versions / Environment).

My version of UIPath

StudioX 2020.6.0-beta.93 - 6/22/2020
Community License
EXE Installer

License Provider: Internal
Activation ID: UIP-c82a515fbb

Update Channel: Preview

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.8

My Project Dependencies

From what I understand, I would need UiPath’s Web Activities Package, which I have installed, alongside its Dependencies, AvalonEdit, Newtonsoft.Json and RestSharp - which I believe needs to be downloaded as well? (Correct me if I am wrong)

What I’ve tried
I have input the Use Application/Browser Resource but am unsure what I am to do next and have tried following the steps mentioned with (with the absence of the Open Browser Activity , I am so lost now as this way looks so different from what I learned).

I am unsure what they mean by “Click Indicate Application to identify the application by moving the mouse to its window and clicking it. If the target is a browser web page, navigate to the page before you indicate the application.”

Does this mean I should be inputting the Navigate Browser OR the Go to URL action before the Use Application/Browser Resource (as seen below):

Any help is appreciated, thank you!