How do I get the meta data for an automation that was invoked by Orchestrator?


I have a small use case where I would like to include the package name and version of the automation that generates output.

E.g., My automation sends an email notification to a customer. The email is generated at the end of an automation run. The automation was invoked from the Orchestrator. I would like to include the name and version of the automation in the correspondence.

How would I go about retrieving this information? (without hard coding it in the automation, of course)

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Check for this option
We can get from project.Json file itself

Cheers @bradley.coish

Thanks, Palaniyappan!

This looks like it will meet my needs. :slight_smile:
Out of curiosity, any reason you did not use the UiPath.WebAPI.Activities’ JSON reader?


Well I felt like above is more easy than complicating it with api


That’s fair. Thanks again for the quick response, it’s much appreciated.

Welcome @bradley.coish

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