How do I get the id of a queue?

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I don’t know where I can find the id of a queue. Anyone knows how/where?

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You can use orchestrator api…and use get queue definitions api…which will get you the id and the name as well


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Hi @muehlbauer157

Go to that particular queue=> Click on view transactions=> click on biew details of any transaction queue=> you can get the id from there.

Hope ie helps!!

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Thanks, this works! :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work. Can you show any screenshot?


Looks like @Parvathy thought you asked transaction id…

If you need queue id you can use orchestrator apis

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Read it in the URL of the orchestrator when you open a queue: … /DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/monitoring/queues/833639?tid=xxxxxxx&fid=xxxxxxx

If you use an on premise Orchestrator the URL is different of course, but the location of the queue ID the same. (Although most likely a lower number)



Hope this will helps you

also a solution, thanks! :slight_smile:

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