How do i get the data taken from database in a single page printable format

i have a database query that gives me a response of data in 10 columns.
when i try to place the data into either a HTML, or a word document, and then print the file, the printed file is always messy, printing the data in 2-3 pages, when it should just print the data in a single page…
i tried to reduce the font and print, but have faced the same issue.

so questions is: How do i fit my database query response data in a single A4 page sized HTML/Word/PDF file

Hi @siddhartha.myneni ,

Could you let us know what is the total number of rows /Max rows that could be present in the response data ?

Hi @supermanPunch
the max number of rows could be 60, while the column length is fixed at 10

the response file i have is something like the above image. i want to print this in a printable format in A4 size paper as my end use.

i am unable to find a straight forward way to do so…