How do I get information in Excel and show it in a Message Box?

Hello everyone,
My condition is to use the data from the Data1 file to find the Data2 file, check for the same ID and then display the data, if not found, do the next ID.
Data1.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Data2.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Can you help me ?


Check this video to see how to store excel data into variables:
Check this video on how to get data from other data tables:

and then simply add a message box that passes the following code:
"Address1: "+address1_variable+Environment.NewLine+
"Address2: "+address2_variable+Environment.NewLine+
"Address3: "+address3_variable+Environment.NewLine+
"Province: "+province_variable+Environment.NewLine+
"Company Name: "+company_variable

If this helps please mark it as a solution.


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Hi @Perawat,

This is quite similar to :
Compare two CSV files and write common column values accordingly - Build - UiPath Community Forum

In your case the input data is .xlsx, which is just a small modification.

  1. Read your data Excel Application Scope —> 2 Read Range —> Datatable1, Datatable2
  2. Use Join Datatable Inner join and specify the input datatables and where “ID” = “ID” (Check on keep rows)
  3. Then delete the ID_1 Column (this column header is created when an inner join is performed)
  4. The result should be what you are looking for.


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Could you please write a workflow for me ?

Did you check the link?
There is a workflow there. Choose the one marked as solution and modify it to your case :slight_smile:

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