How do i get in the log file message of the details of the records that did not load into application, while trying to load say 30K data into a web application using source file as Excel

Source file : excel
No of Data : 30,000 (30K)
To load into : Oracle application.

While the bot is loading data to the application, due to some disruption, or network fail, it stopped half way. How do i get to know, how many records were successfully loaded and which all did not get loaded.

Hi @Mallika,

If you are using loop to load data in your Oracle Application, then you can use counter and Try…Catch Block to get to know how many was successfully uploaded.

If any disruption happens while loading the data in oracle application, then in the catch block you can get the counter value.

Counter: Take a integer variable, and increase by one on every successfully transaction.

Thanks for your reply. Yes i am using for each loop to load each record from the excel.
Using counter with in that loop.

My question here is … how do i make the bot understand that which trx is successful ?
It loads data into the application , saves and moves next , so its keeps iterating. In case it misses any records due to network issue, or not sufficient delay to load the all data in the fields and stuff; it keeps moving to next, skipping a record in between.

How do i handle this?

Hi @Mallika

I don’t know how efficient that would be for 30k records, but one way I use myself is to use a dictionary with True and False values for each completed record.

The way to do this is:

  • create a dictionary of key-value pairs for each transaction item
  • initially set all the values to False
  • then find an element that will mark a successful transaction; do you have any confirmation in the application that says that the record was successfully added?
  • change the value in the dictionary to True based on that condition

It will get much more difficult if there is no way of knowing whether the app processed your record properly after UiPath interacted with it.

You can use element Exist or wait Attribute activity to identify all data in the fields and stuff are loaded or not.

For tracking record of Failed TRX, you can create one Data Table, in which you can insert rows on every failed TRX after identifying with Element Exist.