How do i fix the ##### after write range?

hi guys, after filtering my data and writing it to a new sheet apparently under column (latest expiry, suspend and issue dates) some of the dates become ####### but when i auto fit column width the entire sheet is actually the month and days swapped which caused this problem. Is there a way to fix this? i want it to be dd/mm/yy

Before autofit column width

After autofit column width


It’s alright, just double click twice in B, G and E column right lines and you should be able to see the dates:

I mean i able to see the dates after the autofit column width but those with #### the day and month got swapped in the dates. So i probably thinking that the read or write range is causing this problem


To avoid the ####. U can try to convert the date column into text format

Use this code below to do that uisng invoke code with dt1 as in/out argument.

dt1.AsEnumerable().ToList().ForEach(Sub(row) row(ColumnName)= row(ColumnName).ToString)

Then write it using write range


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i dont get what you mean where do i put this? So is it invoking a workflow then import a argument with the value of this dt1.AsEnumerable()…

nvm i found out that ticking the preserve format in read range when sending the email fixed the issue



To autofit the column you can use the “AutoFit Columns” activity from BalaReva.Excel.Activities package. like below.


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