How do i fix click text issue

Hi All

One of my task in my project with MicroMd Application, Bot should select specific date in Patient sequence window so i used click text with double click and i have created that click date as a library component which is running fine. when i integrated with main workflow and used click date component , its not working and i am getting "Text not found " issue.
Can anyone tell me how do i fix this issue?


Check the variable you are passing is getting the correct date as per the selector?
Please share the selector you are using in Main window and the test window
Also share the variable values


Yes i printed the click text value , its correct value


Can you share the selector and the locals value of the variable also?


It might be failing because it’s finding the text more than once. I see the same dates multiple times. Can you describe your process in a little more detail? Are you trying to click just the first one with a particular date? All the ones with a particular date?

First i will check the date existe or not. if exist will take the no of occurrence then inside the loop will click the text one by one then check the code or not inside the window.
Suppose if the date exists 5 times, it will process each date.

This is my selector

I integrated with this to a main workflow