How do I Find and Replace annotation text throughout script?

Is there a way to find and replace annotation? I had a product name change and now I have to go through and change the name of the product in my script to match. I have it in various annotations, and also in the display names. I know I can search for it in the search bar, and it will pull up all occurrences of what I searched, but is there a way to then replace it with the text that I want? The new product name?


You can try below way to replace in all places.

          yourStr.ReplaceAll("old text","new text")
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Try this way - Open the xaml file in notepad and then replace all occurrences of your product name.

Karthik Byggari

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That’s what I do, but from what I understand UiPath doesn’t support this. @HsDev So, make sure you create a backup. And, note, if you replace all, make sure it’s unique enough where it won’t replace something you don’t intend to, or replace each word step by step to look at what you are replacing.


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