How do I filter phone numbers from an Excel document?


So I am building a process which takes an Excel document

which just wants a phone number from the data (preferably the mobile number) and will have a message next to the mobile number afterwards. I manage to delete the the unnecessary information, but next I need to have one row of phone numbers (preferably mobile) and have that move to column A. Any help?

Thank you

@deguy Can you Show us How do you Expect the Output Excel to be?

Macro is the best solution here. Create a macro imitating the manual steps. Use Execute Macro activity to run it.

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Something like this. It copies and pastes the mobile numbers into column A, then adds in phone numbers from the other columns if the field is blank.

WIll give this a go

@deguy So from the Input Excel File, You want only the “Mobile Telephone” Column to Remain with An Additional Column “Bulk Text” with values added to it?


You want the “Mobile Telephone” Column to be placed at the beginning with An Additional Column “Bulk Text” with values added to it and also keep other Columns?

The first one, the final document should only have those two fields. It has to be in this specific format of Mobile number in column A and bulk text in column B.

So I tried using the Macros on Excel, and it works but if the blanks in the mobile column are different, it cannot fill them in. Is there a way to do this in the Macros?

@deguy Can you tell me from where do you get the Values of Bulk text Column ?

The bulk text document will just be a line of text and will be the same everytime. Something like: “An engineer will be coming on XX date” and this will be for all rows in column B

@deguy Check this Workflow : (8.2 KB)

Check the Excel File, It Has Sheet1 , which is the Input and Sheet2 which is the Output.
Delete Sheet2.
Execute the Workflow and Check the Sheet2 if that’s what the Output you needed.

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