How do I extract values from a secondary navigation bar?

Hi, I would like to extract the values in the secondary navigation bar
website link (ASUS Singapore)
When i use the data scrapper tool, I am able to get the values

But I am unable to extract the values once I put the extract structured data activity into an open browser activity.
Thank you in advance for your help

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This is the secondary/dropout menu I want to extract

Hi, if you need only the sub menus data you can use the following code in properties: xml extractor

        <row exact="1" >
		<webctrl tag="li" />
	<column attr="text" name="Test" exact="1">
		<webctrl tag="div" class= "sub-group" />
 		<webctrl tag="ul" />
 		<webctrl tag="li" />
 		<webctrl tag="a" />

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Did we try with FIND CHILDREN With descendants as scope
It will help us get the child values

Cheers @sheen1

Hi, this does not work

Hi, I think i got it to work but when i use “aaname” I am getting an error

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The attribute name should be “aaname” and it is mentioned as “name”
Kindly change that and try once

Cheers @sheen1

Hi i tried both “name” and “aaname” and I get the same error

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no worries
can i see the selector of that GET ATTRIBUTE activity if possible

Cheers @sheen1

Hi i do not see what you mean by selector so instead here is my entire workflow.
Main.xaml (11.7 KB)