How do i extract data from opening new website

hi guys, i have a problem. There is a website with the information of the project coordinator and the researcher. there is also a button under these people called “information”. when you click on that button, a new page opens with the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of these researchers. How can I click on that button for each researcher and export the information from that new page to excel. For that purpose, I’ve used for each uielement and i select that button as a “current element” and i used click feature and as an input element i used that “current element” but it says" string can not be converted as an uielement" do you have any other suggestion how can do this?

Hi @Mkary

Can you provide a screenshot of the page?


I assume that you need the element in the form of string type ,if u click on add label and choose the ui element again ,this time the element will be of type string,

Let me know if it works ,Also provide some screenshots or more detailed information of ur requirement


PROJE 1 (link)
i need to click each purple button and go to new opening page after clicking

i did like that but it is not working

okey …Let me suggest you one method where you can find the solution,
1)use for each ui element and indicate the ui elemnt as that purple button(label it as button)
2)use click activity inside for each ui element
this is the property panel of click activity ,here in the input element you pass uiElemnt(button)

Let me know if it works,

Like i explain at the beginning it gives that error

send the screeshot of full workflow from using for each uiElemnt as well as the screenshot of variable panel

when you use for each ui element ,the first element is considered as the ui element variable and the rest is considered as the string variable ,so i suggest you to re select the element as select the first element as button

oh i see thanks it works!!

@Mkary if you found it useful,please mark it as a solution

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