How do I extract a specific information from excel file and paste into another excel file?

Hi all. So if the Trainee’s name from CourseName2.xlsx matches with the Trainee’s name in Filtered2.xlsx, the program will extract the Course and year from Filtered2.xlsx and paste into CourseName2.xlsx in their respective Trainee’s name.

Here are the 2 excel files. Please provide with workflow. Thank you!

CourseName2.xlsx (8.6 KB) Filtered2.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Hey @Ahmad_Mikail

Have you tried reading these files into data tables and using the “Join Data Table” activity to get the results you want into a new data table which you can copy and paste.

Hi @Ahmad_Mikail

Below is the workflow for the same :-
MainPratik.xaml (11.7 KB)
CourseName2.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Filtered2.xlsx (8.6 KB)

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