How do I extract a pivot table not being web?

How do I extract data from a PivotTable when it is not web? Which activity to use? Thanks

HI @Brenosants

Some applications do support data scraping… So try it out… If that do not support, you can try using the screen scraping option. Once the text is extracted, you can do string manipulations to split the data as needed

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So, when I use the “data scraping” activity, I can’t select an item. The extraction activities I used select the entire page. I wanted to select an item and then extract the entire table, but it’s not web

May be it is not supported for that application… Data Scraping best works with web pages and for some applications…

If it is not selecting elements, then I think you have to go for screen scraping

I’ve also tried using screen scraping activity and it’s the same …

Can i see how your screen looks like?

Which app you are using to extract data.?Excel?
In excel you can directly do it by read activity.

I’m trying to select an item in the list box of an adobe flex but I’m not getting