How do I execute a package created with UiPath Community Edition?

I am really rooky and using the Community Edition.
Following the different video I finally created my own flowchart and I am quite proud of it.
I just wnat to know now: how do I run my flowchart? I crete a package, and now , what is the next step?
Do I have to use UiPath studio and UIRobot to execute my projet outside of UiPath Community Edition?


hi @flo

Check the package in Manage Package pane and check the below post

Ashwin S

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I am newbie in uipath and i created new blank process.
I want to continue with workflow and flowchart. so which package i have to install for achieve it.
How can i create workflow?

please help me out it.

Buddy @aryanroy

Welcome to UiPath community…thats a good question to start with

All the basic packages wil be there already installed buddy…if there is a need for specific like pdf, database, json, word related activities can be downloaded from manage packages option in design tab buddy


Thanks a lot @Palaniyappan:slightly_smiling_face:

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