How do I Drag Mouse to color image?

I am using a software called InPaint to get rid of watermarks on images. The software works great, all you have to do is color in the watermark, and it removes it perfectly.

Here is the watermark

This is what I have to do to remove it (color over it)

However, now I want my UIPath robot to be able to do this so I can execute it in bulk (removing watermarks one image after another).

So my question is, how can I get the robot to color over the watermark?

Clicking on the image multiple times won’t work because InPaint requires you to drag the mouse in order to color.

So I think my only option is to Get UIPath to somehow drag click the mouse based on where the image is located. And yes the location of the watermark does slightly change based on the size of the image.

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

@Sami_Syed - Is the watermark always in the same location on all the images?

No they are not. But they are always at the corner of the image.

So maybe I could detect the positing of the corner then color in based on that?

It should be doable, but please make sure that you are complying with any copyright laws in relation to those images. Watermarks exist for a reason.

As to the ways, you can specify a down-click and an up-click:

Maybe the software will register if you click down multiple times and then up at the end.


No need to worry i have permission to use the images.

I will test out this method and get back to you

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