How do I determine if a specific content in Orchestrator is Empty?

I have a business rule that if a specific item inside orchestrator is missing then throw the transaction. So far I have used an If condition where the condition is:
in_transactionItem.SpecificContent(“Item”) is Nothing > Throw

However, it has not been working and the transaction is getting pas this rule.

Any other way to determine if an item is empty on orchestrator?



How about the following expression?

(not in_transactionItem.SpecificContent.ContainsKey("item")) OrElse in_transactionItem.SpecificContent("item") is Nothing OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(in_transactionItem.SpecificContent("Item").ToString)


Hello @Bennyhana ,

You can refer to the below post. Somewhat similar to your requirement.


Use if activity with the mentioned statement.

It worked for me.

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