How do I determine if a directory has multiple directories?

Currently I am working on a project which requires checking within a folder if there are folders within them and proceed to do multiple steps (Either opening the folder or uploading a document to a website)

I have already gotten the project to a point where it already goes to the website and it logs in based on credentials I give the robot, clicks the upload, and gets to the windows explorer for opening and finding documents.


Try this Directory.GetDirectories(“Path you have”) which will return the array of sub folders inside the path. If the length is greater than zero, then you can proceed further :slight_smile:

This would mostly work, however, this will cause some issues as I need it to avoid folders named in a certain way, and not to take those into account as I will not need to access those directories, and this will apply if say I have multiple accounts under one vendor, or one account but have folders for each year the invoices were from.

In case of you do know the folder names to include/exclude in a second step the retrieved folder list can be filtered e.g. with a Linq statement. Maybe you can share a list of demo folder names and a list of folders you want to process for demo purpose.

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