How do i delete a paragraph from Word Document and paste it to same doc

  1. I have a word document
  2. I have to cut a few paragraphs and then paste them Below Some Other paragraphs in a word document.
    I need help with this.

Have you tried with send hotkey?


How do I send hotkey for that specific paragraph

can you show me the input? if possible?

I have done it using HotKey, Is there any other way we can do it.
I feel like used to many hotkeys


we can use replace activity but we need to store the data in to a variable. i think the best solution we can only do with send hotkey. i too have tried with other activities like replace etc… which is working fine. but we need to stored it in a variable. it’s lengthy process. i think send hotkey will be the best solution


Why my SendHotKey is showing Random behavior.

How do we check any font type in word,Means if i can check paragraph or word with specific font is there or not?


  • Click Ctrl+F to search for the Specific text for which you want the format.
  • Click on the text
  • Now use get full text activity to retrieve font size, font type from the menu bar.
  • Use get attribute activity to get text alignment details by specifying “aaname” in attribute property and selector as

Hope this is helpful!


for better stability use in invoke code

Thankyou let me try that, is there any regex for this

no regex but when you initialise the file you will get function like paragraph and all font also

Can you just help me with a small example?